New Chambers offers accommodation for up to five readers each year. Reading programmes commence in May and September of each year, after the conclusion of the bar practice course. Readership positions are offered for a twelve month period. Successful candidates receive accommodation for that period without charge (other than for usual practice disbursements). New Chambers also has chambers available to license, with priority being afforded to those who have read on the floor.

Reader positions are in high demand, and are typically filled more than twelve months in advance. Applicants for a reader position commencing in May should ensure that they apply in writing (directed to the Clerk) by 31 January of the preceding year. Applicants for a position commencing in September should apply by 31 May of the preceding year. Interviews are conducted shortly after applications close. In exceptional cases, late applications may be considered subject to the availability of accommodation.
Applications should include a current curriculum vitae, relevant academic transcripts and contact details for any referee. All applications will be treated confidentially.

Many members of New Chambers have come through our readership programme, either directly or after a period of licensing chambers. The readership programme is regarded as an integral and important part of chambers.Our readers are required to have one member of New Chambers as their tutor. A tutor must be a barrister of seven years standing (unless special dispensation is obtained from the Bar Association) who is not senior counsel. The Clerk can assist in identifying an appropriate tutor and prospective readers may also contact members of New Chambers directly.